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Generosity Rene Levin Mother
My most precious Memory Graeme Levin Father
Some things I miss Debbie Levin Sister
A Craig Special Helen Galgut Grandmother
Bursting with Pride Helen Levin Stepmother
Smart & Talented Steve Erlank Lecturer
THE Internet Graeme Levin Father
Game Farm Linda Levin Aunt
Heh-lloh Gran Helen Galgut Grandmother
Rugby Team Graeme Levin Father
Saw the Funny Side Debbie Levin Sister
Crazy Days Stuart Geard Friend
Motorbike Accident Rene Levin Mother
Graeme's Face lit up Ali Dodds Colleague
E or L Graeme Levin Father
My First Love Lauren Winterbottom Friend
Special Song Vera de Hen Friend
Obliging Nature Louis Potgieter Friend
Evenings together Lance Descroizilles Friend
Some things I regret Debbie Levin Sister
Travelling Together Andrew Cleary Friend
Rugby on the enormous TV Jacques Venter Friend
Camel Trap Graeme Levin Father
My Car Helen Galgut Grandmother
Sleep Overs Clint Berell Friend
World Trade Centre Attack Tom Ordelman Colleague
Driving in Kruger Park Ivan Etkin Uncle
Honesty Graeme Levin Father
Hundred Percent Dylan Schlosberg Colleague
Marks & Spencers Rene Levin Mother
Intelligent & Shrewd Philip Maddock Lawyer
When I last saw Craig Lauren Winterbottom Friend
A few Childhood Memories Debbie Levin Sister
Hot Food Stephen Froom Friend
Hackensack Apartment Graeme Levin Father
Kept me sane Jackie Penney Colleague
Popping Grapes Helen Galgut Grandmother
Ping Pong Balls Stuart Geard Friend
How Craig touched my Life Alan Jankelowitz Family Friend
Craig's Bike Accident Debbie Levin Sister
Happy to have met Margaret MacInnes Colleague
Front Row Seats Graeme Levin Father
Late Night Shift Robert Crisp Colleague
Mum's Birthday Rene Levin Mother
Love for Animals Jackie Penney Colleague
Budding Entrepreneur Graeme Levin Father
He chose Quality of Life Peggy Jennings Family Friend
Fish Tank Debbie Levin Sister
Voice on the Phone Patti Danielewicz Colleague
Disability Sticker Graeme Levin Father
Nothing was too much Trouble Arnie Witkin Family Friend
Pawpaw Helen Galgut Grandmother
Charming & Smiling Marika Jensen Colleague
Mixed Seafood Platter Graeme Levin Father
Gusto for Life Diana Stajduhar-Bruins Friend
More Childhood Memories Debbie Levin Sister
Craig Smiled Moshe Kornblum Rabbi
Bad Breath Rene Levin Mother
So Honourable Arnie Witkin Family Friend
When the Cat's Away Debbie Levin Sister
Crickets in Helmet Rene Levin Mother
Fast Driving Andrew Cleary Friend
Never sue Graeme Levin Father
Craig's First Love Helen Galgut Grandmother
Enthusiasm Nick Harding Colleague
Big & Fat Graeme Levin Father
Brings a Smile to my Face Stephen Tredrea Colleague
Dead Bee Debbie Levin Sister
Windsor Knot Graeme Levin Father
Missing Finger Rene Levin Mother
The Kid from Outer Space Debbie Levin Sister
Ratings Graeme Levin Father
My Double Mastectomy Rene Levin Mother
Love for his Dogs Graeme Levin Father
Demonic Virus Louis Potgieter Friend
Cancer Scare Debbie Levin Sister
Gym Membership Graeme Levin Father
Craig in Sydney Debbie Levin Sister
Baked Beans Rene Levin Mother
Craig & Deb in Paris Debbie Levin Sister
Cricket Box Graeme Levin Father
Swingers in Manchester Debbie Levin Sister
Vocabulary Graeme Levin Father
Self Defence Debbie Levin Sister
Extinction of the Dinosaurs Graeme Levin Father
Club Med Debbie Levin Sister
Powerbuilder Book Brian Bisset Colleague
The Gardener? Debbie Levin Sister
Generosity Graeme Levin Father
Dark Parties Debbie Levin Sister
Luck be a Lady Tonight Graeme Levin Father
Music Craig Liked Lauren Winterbottom Friend
Blow Me Rene Levin Mother
A Miracle. He can walk Debbie Levin Sister
Teaching Macaw to swear Graeme Levin Father
Mums are strange Rene Levin Mother
Boxing Bet Louis Potgieter Friend
More Graeme Levin Father
Don't hit Girls Debbie Levin Sister
Co-Worker at Miltons Steven Ringo Colleague
Voracious Appetite Graeme Levin Father
Steers Stuffing Louis Potgieter Friend
Birthday Cards Debbie Levin Sister
Another Finger Story Rene Levin Mother
Huge Contract Debbie Levin Sister
Games Centre Graeme Levin Father
New Year at the Wilderness Debbie Levin Sister
Underage Driving Rene Levin Mother
Nine Inch Brothers Debbie Levin Sister
Cape Town Graeme Levin Father
Generous with his Toys Merle Webeloff Family
Sterkfontein Graeme Levin Father
Typical Baby Brother Debbie Levin Sister
Pleasure at Speeding Charles Caplan Family Friend
The Secret Debbie Levin Sister
King's College Hospital Gerald Jacobs Family Friend
Underage Driving Debbie Levin Sister
Childhood Memories Debbie Levin Sister
Boat Stories Debbie Levin Sister
Rhodes Memomorial Lions Debbie Levin Sister
At Granny Frieda Debbie Levin Sister
Please email any memories you have of Craig.

By recording your memories of Craig you can help keep them alive.

Outside the Libau (Liepaiya) cemetery in Latvia is written a Talmudic quotation:

"No person ever truly dies until all memories are extinguished"

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