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Roni & Arnie Witkin Family Friends
Laura Hartnady Friend
David Ryan Friend & Colleague
Isaak Katz Family
Louis Potgieter Friend
Steffi Silbert Family Friend
Michael Corfman Colleague & Friend
Marcia Abrahams Family Friend
Lauren Winterbottom Friend
James Ainslie Colleague & Friend
James Doherty Colleague & Friend
Don & Connie Attwood Family Friend
Stephen Froom Friend
Glenda & Roger Cleaver Family
Susi Paul & Rupert Friends
Jeannette Lozancic Friend
Steve Erlank Lecturer
Rabbi Frank Hellner Rabbi in London
Tracey Kohler Helen's Daughter
Billy Clark Family Friend
Ed Mawethu Thandaphi Colleague
Margaret MacInnis Colleague
Peggy Jennings Family Friend
Helena & David Fine Family
Kendall Pease/Newman Family Friend
Andrew Cleary Friend
Lance Descroizilles Friend
Gavin Poole Friend
Stuart Geard Friend
Anna-Carin Hart Friend
Rob Hart Friend
Philip Mayers Family Friend
Lyn Rowlands Colleague
Robert Crisp Colleague
Linda Ford Family Friend
Peter & Harriet Galgut Family
Les Weill Family Friend
Elliot Wolf Graeme's Teacher
Lena & Robert Davies Family Friends
Mandy Simpson Lawyer
Ian Miller Investor & Friend
Dominic Caplan Friend in England
Margaret MacInnis Colleague
Michael Hirst Colleague
Moshe Kornblum Rabbi
Carol Caplan Family Friend
Nicky Frost Friend
Janet Viippola Colleague
Steven Ringo Colleague
Avril Segal Family
Pat Flynn Family Friend
Daphne Stokoe Family Friend
Dana Todd Colleague
Elise & Ivor Schlosberg Family Friends
Gill & Alan Wolman Family Friends
Ian Miller Family Friend
Daniel Lazar Colleague
Clint Berell Friend
Kate Normington Family Friend
Mickey Charles Colleague
Hank Stratton-Brook Family Friend
Gazel Malavan Colleague
Ian Miller Family Friend
David & Samantha Witkin Family Friends
Bruce Henman Family Friend
Charles Caplan Family Friend
Nick Harding Colleague
Hazel & Ken Powel Family Friends
Vivian Mifsud Family Friend
Denis & Isa-Lee Sweidan Family Friends
Lucille & Dennis Sher Family Friends
Marietjie Hattingh Family Friend
Noris Adair Family Friend
Rachel Kostanian Family Friend
Vicki & Richard Broome Family Friend
Howard & Susan Garsh Family Friend
Tony Ribeiro Financial Advisor
Skyla Burrell Colleague
Lars Dam-Johnsen Colleague
Tim Rosenberg Colleague
Sandy Friend
Alan Jankelowitz Family Friend
Nigel & Elizabeth Rose Family Friends
Eric & Famke Peters Family Friends
Dylan Schlosberg Colleague
Shelley Friedman Family Friend
Debi Biton Family Friend
Sally Wilkinson Financial Advisor
Philip Maddock Lawyer
Tim Rosenberg Colleague
Katalin Schulek-Miller Colleague
Derek Morran Colleague
Ridwaan Solomon Varsity Colleague
Clive Shefts Colleague
Louis Potgieter Friend
Brian Morgan Colleague
Marika Cardinello-Jensen Colleague
Sven Edstrom Colleague
Marcelle Grosser Colleague
Judy & Gordon Smith Family Friends
Jon-Jon Colleague
Lyn Rowlands Colleague
Patti Danielewicz Colleague
Debi Jackson Colleague
Jackie Penney Colleague
Erica Duggan Family Friend
Mickey Charles Colleague
Neville Cornish Family Friend
John Moshal Colleague
Adrienne Katz Family Friend
Lynda Brayer Family Friend
Lena & Bryan Robinson Family Friend
Eustace Davie Family Friend
Vicki Broome Family Friend
Brian Galgut Family
Keith Galgut Family
Aleksandrs Feigmanis Genealogist
Carol Brauner Family Friend
Tom Ordelman Colleague
Frances Sorley Neighbour
Aubrey (Avi) Levin Family Friend
Allan Wolpowitz Family Friend
Phyllis Freestone Neighbour
Ian & Denise Muir Neighbour
Oksana & Alex Mamyrin Family Friend
Janet Levine/Etkin Family Friend
EGamer Magazine Colleagues
Caroline Brits Family Friend
Adrienne Mann Family Friend
David Garbacz Colleague
Bernard Gross Colleague London
Ivan Israel Lawyer
Maria Rocca Family Friend
Brona Gallagher Colleague
Micki Oster and family Colleague
Paul Hunt Financial Advisor
Terry Markman Family Friend
Craig Marshak Colleague
Linda Deschampsneufs Family Friend
Edwin Wulfsohn Family Friend
Will Kennedy Investor
Ivan Israel Lawyer
Adi Tarkay Colleague
Evan Hoff Colleague
Fiona Stuart Colleague
David Collins Colleague
Mario Galea Colleague
Bryan Abboud Colleague
Ali Dodds Colleague
Bryan Bailey Colleague
David Leb Colleague
Wayne Openshaw Colleague
Skyla Burrell Colleague
Jean Crescenzi Colleague
Isaak Katz Family
Merle Werbeloff Family
Eustace Davie Family Friend
Hank Stratton-Brook Family Friend
Denis Bieber Family Friend
Michael Hirst Colleague
Les Weil Family Friend
Allan Wolpowitz Family Friend
Todd Dollinger Colleague
Richard de Waal Colleague
Michael Carlton Colleague
Frank Catania Colleague
Paul Young Acquaintance
Sue Schneider Colleague
Dawn Kirkwood Colleague
Liz Grayson Colleague
Martin Smith Colleague
John O'Malia Colleague
Robin Le Prevost Colleague
John Wallis Colleague
Brian Bisset Colleague
Patricia Holger Colleague
Cam Smith Colleague
David Sack Colleague
Will Griffiths Colleague
Jeff Minsky Colleague
Julian Stern Family
Derek Bloom Colleague
James Blackledge Colleague
Dayna McIntosh Colleague
Richard Hadida Colleague
Eyal Beit-On Colleague
Marie Holstenson Acquaintance
Flaviano Colleague
Gareth Wong Colleague
Sandi Firth Acquaintance
Derek Moran Colleague
Riccardo Varisco Colleague
Graham Martin Colleague
Maytal Olsha Colleague
Tony Plaskow Colleague
Simone Theeboom Colleague
Steve Frankel Colleague
Phil and Jane Fraser Colleague
Sanjay Balakrishnan Colleague
Michael Shackleford Colleague
Laurence Michel Colleague
Lisa Dracopolous Colleague
Ana Melnik Colleague
Michael Palmon Colleague
Ehren Richardson Colleague
Bryan & Lena Robinson Family Friends
Beau Buck Colleague
Mary-Ann and Tom Dick Colleague
Ted Loh Colleague
Gayle Mitchell Colleague
Adri & Craig Sinclair Colleague
Peter Speight Colleague
Golden Palace Colleague
Cedrik Caron Colleague
Paulina Potocki Colleague
Schalk van der Sandt Colleague
Bruce Sabot Colleague
Reuben Colleague
Laurent Malka Colleague
Adam Remez Colleague
Ruth Clevinger Colleague
Tillis James Colleague
Tom Dudbridge Colleague
Trent Collins Colleague
Maor Vatagsky Colleague
Jason West Colleague
Elad Colleague
Jan Balslev Colleague
Scott Hull Colleague
Juliette Jos Colleague
Shane MacGibbon Colleague
Satya Colleague
Roxann Colleague
Claudia Lombardo Colleague
Gerald Jacobs Acquaintance
Sraia Tal Colleague
Neil Robbins Colleague
Joe Gualtieri Colleague
Laura Chacon Colleague
Monica Coumbe Colleague
Michael Smith Colleague
Ron Raymond Colleague
Michael Crosson Colleague
Kristy Spiteiri Colleague
Daniel Colleague
Russell Colleague
Glenn Colleague
Schalk Colleague
Rene, Graeme, Debbie and Craig's family thank you so much for your kind words and overwhelming support.
Please email any further messages of condolence to be placed on the site.

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